Thursday, 7 June 2007

In-accessible Window Cleaning

We are recognised as an industry leader in the area of window cleaning, with the large majority of our work being on prominent sites around Melbourne, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.
Water Restrictions for Melbourne - Level 3a
Windows and Building Facades
Water must not be used to clean a building fa├žade or window unless cleaning is required because of an accident, fire, health or safety hazard or other emergency and a bucket or hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle is used. For construction or renovation work, a bucket or watering can be used.

Water Restrictions for Brisbane - Level 5
Windows and Building Facades
For such premises, water from the reticulated (town) supply system is not permitted to be used to wash or otherwise apply water to external surfaces of a building or to paved surfaces except for the purposes of: pre-painting preparation activities; or pre-sale preparation activities on one occasion in a twelve month period; or complying with the provisions of a tenancy agreement or lease which require the external surface of a building to be cleaned at the expiry or termination of the tenancy or lease; or cleaning the external windows and glass areas of a building; or maintaining, on one occasion in a twelve month period, the external surfaces of a building (other than a roof area); or maintaining, on one occasion in a thirty-six month period, the external roof area of a building; or washing part of the external roof area of a building as part of the process of repointing or repairing the roof of the building; using a bucket filled directly from a tap or a high pressure water cleaning unit.

Testing / Inspections

Load Testing - Load testing of anchors and bolts in accordance with relevant standards depending on their use, is done by proof loading either by applying an "Axial or lateral" load for a specified time.
Magnetic Particle (MP) testing - Is a versatile inspection technique, used to test a variety of "Ferromagnetic Metallic" products such as: Welds, Forgings, Castings, Sheet or Tube Metals. MP inspections is suitable for detecting "Surface Breaking and Slightly Subsurface" discontinuities.
Liquid Penetrant testing - Liquid (or dye) penetrant inspection is an extension of visual inspection and is used for detecting surface-breaking flaws, such as cracks, laps and folds, on any non-absorbent material's surface.
Ultrasonic testing - Ultrasonic inspection uses sound waves of short wavelength and high frequency to detect flaws or measure material thickness. It is used on aircraft, the power stations generating plant, or welds in pressure vessels at an oil refinery or paper mill.
Height Safety Equipment - in accordance with AS/NZS 1891, personal protective equipment used for height safety is required to inspected on a periodical basis to ensure its servicability.
For any inspection we are able to provide an ongoing testing regime if required under the standards.

Structural Inspections

Ascend Australia believes in providing as much information as possible to our clients with regard to scope of required work, so as to quantify our observations and quotations, and facilitate your decision making.
We use digital still/video equipment as well as SLR cameras, to provide you with the greatest possible view of the task and scope of remedial work required.
Whether it is for inspection purposes, or to show the appropriate body's offsite, we can guarantee the task will be clearly identified and defined with visual evidence.

Scree Slope Access

Scree slope access is all about accessing steep embankments safely, efficiently and cost effectively to carry out a number of tasks, such as but not limited to:
Clearing vegetation
Weed control / spraying
Netting (reduce land fall) Locations could include steep embankments along highways, rail lines, coastal areas etc.

Minor Structural Repairs

Our innovative repair methods ensure that we are time efficient and cost effective for repairs and installation of antennas and cable.
Together with simplicity of access, speed of repair is our greatest advantage when carrying out repairs.

Defined Ongoing Maintenance Schedules

If a building or structure requires ongoing maintenance, ASCEND will provide schedules and timings flexible to your requirements.
The bigger the operation the more cost effective we become.

Confined Workspace

Confined space entry is one of the most difficult and dangerous tasks to perform.
Our highly trained staff are able to carry out these jobs with ease and efficiency.